Resolution No 47/2020 by which the Mining Strategic Plan is approved

Last updated: 2 November 2022

In 2020 the Mining Secretary of the Argentinian Ministry of Productive Development enacted Resolution No 47/2020 to approve the Mining Strategic Plan. It aims to create a common vision for the industry to ensure the rational use of mining resources for the benefit of socioeconomic development of the country.

The plan highlights seven main goals: 

  1. Promoting the sustainable development of the mining sector and investments in exploration and exploitation in order to take full advantage of mineral deposits and to increase the contribution of mining to National Gross Domestic Product;
  2. Supervising the relationship between the fiscal cost of spending in mining promotion policies and the effective development of the investment;
  3. Transforming the development of the mining activity into opportunities for the integral development of people and communities;
  4. Communicating to the community the potential of mining within the framework of the national productive development model, seeking to disseminate and legitimise mining activity;
  5. Promoting access to information related to the activity and the National Mining Policy, guaranteeing the transparent management of the sector;
  6. Contributing to environmental preservation, exercising the supervision established by Law No. 24.585 (on environmental protection for mining activity), and guaranteeing the sustainable use of natural resources; and
  7. Fostering governance at international, regional, provincial, and local commitments, and strengthening the international agenda.

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