Resolution No 255/2021 to create the Federal Network of Argentinian Mining Women

Last updated: 2 November 2022

In 2021 the Mining Secretary of the Argentinian Ministry of Productive Development enacted Resolution No 225/2021 to create the Federal Network of Argentinian Mining Women. This initiative is a consequence of a collective process for designing an Argentinian Mining Strategic Plan. Under this process, a national roundtable identified the need to create a space for the articulation, communication, and strengthening of skills for greater inclusion of women in the mining labour market and across the value chain.
Therefore, in response to this necessity, the Secretary created the Federal Network, which aims to promote equal conditions for the inclusion of women in the national mining industry. Accordingly, the Federal Network may promote the exchange of experiences, facilitate sharing of knowledge, and strengthen the gender perspective in the mining sector.
The Federal Network would follow the Annex IF-2021-87285679-APN as a roadmap. The Annex establishes the following specific goals:

  • Ensuring that women face a favourable environment with respect to employability in the mining sector; 
  • Promoting communication strategies with a gender perspective at the local, provincial and national levels that contribute to the creation of an equal work environment that is free of violence in the mining sector; 
  • Promoting greater access for women to decision-making positions in the mining industry, reducing wage gaps and promoting female leadership; 
  • Identifying social development strategies and projects to promote inclusion; 
  • Improving employability, autonomy and the development of work and social skills of women; 
  • Developing training that contributes to the personal and comprehensive support of women and their professional and human development; 
  • Generating efficient public and private management that contributes to maximising the benefits of mining activity and achieving greater women’s employability in the sector.

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