Law No. 2000-045, Environmental Code

Last updated: 24 August 2022

Law 2000-045 is established as a framework Environmental Code. Its purpose is to establish the general principles for national environmental protection and to provide a basis for the harmonization of environmental imperatives with the requirements of sustainable economic and social development.

This law applies to the conservation of biological diversity and the rational use of natural resources, the fight against desertification, the fight against pollution and nuisances, the improvement and protection of the living environment and the harmonization of development with the safeguard of the natural environment.


In particular, this law aims at avoiding atmospheric pollution (including greenhouse gases). The Ministry responsible for the Environment and the Ministry concerned:

  • Will determine by decree, the case, and conditions in which the emission of fumes, gases into the atmosphere must be prohibited or regulated (Article 34).
  • Can order the immediate suspension of the activity of an industrial or agricultural installation that threaten the health, the security, or the environment. (Article 54) 

This law also determines the penal dispositions determining the legally authorized agents who can check the compliance with the law (Article 80), and the means of intervention and research that they can implement (Article 82 and following). 

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