Road tax

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The road tax is due from the owner in reason for the possession of the vehicle. In a limited number of cases (mopeds, mini-car), the fee is due in reason of its circulation on roads and public areas. The road tax on cars and motorcycles is due regularly from year to year, independently from the use of it on public roads. Possession is presumed according to the statement by the Vehicles Public Registry (Pra) for all vehicles subject to registration. Vehicle taxation is proportional to engine power and is equal to 2.58/kW per year for unleaded gasoline or Eco-gas-oil vehicles in the entire territory, with the only exception of Venetia (2.84/kW/year) and Marche (2.79/kW/year). The tax is increased for polluting vehicles and strongly reduced for low environmental impact vehicles. For example, the tax on gas-oil vehicle (non-Eco-gas-oil) amounts to 7.82/kW/year); for hybrid (gasoline/methane or gasoline/LPG vehicle, the tax is 2.58/kW/year and only 0.65/kW/year for electric vehicles after five years and for methane or LPG vehicles. Electric vehicles benefit from a zero tax the first five years.