Decree Law 2886. Reserve Lithium in favour of the State

Last updated: 2 November 2022

This Decree revises the national mining code to alter the provisions regarding reserves of different minerals to the State.  Article 5 of the decree reserves lithium resources for the State in accordance with the national interest.
The decree does not affect the rights granted before 14 November 1979. The declaration indicates that concessions for exploration, exploitation, and commercialisation of lithium will not be granted. Relatedly, Law 18097 of 1982 regulating mining concession excludes lithium as a mineral covered by the rights instituted in that law (article 3).

Consequently, the exploration and exploitation of lithium may be exercised only by the State, its owned companies or through either an administrative license or contract complying with the requirements that the President would establish in a Decree specific to each license.

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