The Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan

Last updated: 27 October 2022

The Plan is a Canada-wide strategy developed by federal, provincial and territorial governments in collaboration with partners and stakeholders taking into account the roles of local governments in mineral resource development.

Provinces and territories have their own priorities, plans and strategies to support their respective minerals and metals industries. The Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan will not replace these efforts. The Plan is intended to foster synergy and support provincial and territorial priorities, while bringing together resources from across Canada to address systemic issues and opportunities.

It is divided into six strategic directions: 

  • Economic development and competitiveness; 
  • Advancing the participation of Indigenous Peoples; 
  • The Environment; 
  • Science, technology and innovation; 
  • Communities; and 
  • Global leadership.

The policy then lists various pan-Canadian initiatives to support these different goals, such as a pan-Canadian geoscience strategy, or the Re-imagined National Orphaned or Abandoned Mines Initiative (NOAMI). It also includes incentives to tackle innovation challenges.

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