Energy Service Companies (ESCO)

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In order to provide as accurate and useful information as possible, Finland concentrates its reporting efforts on the most essential and concrete policies and measures. Although this PAM serves / has served an important purpose, it is not considered one of them. Therefore the status of this PAM has been marked as "unknown €, and the description has not been updated. However, this PAM may still be in force and bring significant emissions reductions.
Motiva developed standard ESCO contract documents (released in 2000) to support energy performance contracting in Finland. In 2001, as part of Tekes Climtech programme, the Jumesco project was launched with the objective of implanting ESCO activity in the municipal sector. Motiva is also involved in the IEAs international ESCO project lasting until the end of 2002, which will investigate the state of activity in eight countries all over the world. The results of the project will be utilised by applying them to Finnish conditions.

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