The Code of the Republic of Belarus on subsoil dated July 14, 2008 No.406-3

Last updated: 2 May 2022

The Code regulates the geological survey of the subsoil, mining, use and protection of other resources of the subsoil, and aims to create and expand the mineral resource base, protect the interests of the state, the rights and legitimate interests of subsoil users and others.


In accordance with article 5 of the Code, the subsoil, including hydrocarbons lying therein, is the exclusive property of the State. The State assigns rights of ownership, use and disposal of mineral resources through authorized state bodies.


State administration and regulation of the use and protection of subsoil is carried out by: 

·         The President of the Republic of Belarus, who approves the lists of subsoil plots that may be the object of a concession, decides on the need for a concession of subsoil plots, and determines the type of concession agreement for subsoil plots; 

·         The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, which determines, in agreement with the President of the Republic of Belarus, the procedure for calculating and the starting amount of a one-time payment for the provision of subsoil plots for use in accordance with a concession or investment agreement, and also establishes the procedure for developing, approving, ratifying, registering, putting into effect and publishing norms and rules for the rational use and protection of subsoil; 

·         The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, local Councils of Deputies, executive and administrative bodies within their competence.


Article 55 of the Code regulates the standards of operational losses of minerals not extracted from the subsoil during the development of the deposit or lost during the extraction and processing of minerals. 


Article 65 of the Code regulates the basic requirements for the rational use and protection of mineral resources, as well as establishes standards of operational losses of minerals.

The basic safety requirements for the use of mineral resources (Article 70) include the development and implementation of measures to ensure the safety of life and health of citizens, the implementation of special measures to assess and prevent dangerous situations (including sudden gas emissions), controlling the content of oxygen, harmful or explosive gases and dust. 

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