Supplementary Notice of the Interim Administration: Measures for Special Funds of Renewable Energy Development

Last updated: 27 April 2022

An initial version of the Measures for Special Funds of Renewable Energy Development came into effect in April 2015. In June 2019, the Ministry of Finance published a supplementary notice providing revised guidance regarding related subsidies.


The supplementary notice supports the development of unconventional natural gas, including coalbed methane, coal mine methane, shale gas and tight gas. As of 2018, the standard subsidy was 0.3 Yuan/m3. Starting from 2019, subsidies will no longer be provided according to this fixed standard. In accordance with the principle of "grow more, subsidize more", for those who exceed the amount of extraction and utilization in the previous year, subsidies will be given in accordance with the degree of growth achieved.


Furthermore, subsidies are 50% higher for gas produced during the heating season (November to February).

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