Decree on Tariff Incentives for Renewable Energy and Efficient Cogeneration

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Decree regulates the tariff (feed-in tariff) system for incentive prices for electricity produced in power plants using renewable energy sources and high efficiency cogeneration power plants.
Electricity producers become eligible for the incentivised tariff if they achieve the status of privileged producer and their electricity generation is in compliance with the national programme for the usage and development of renewable energy sources or high efficiency cogeneration.The incentive prices are:
Wind: 9.6 c €/kWh;
Biomass from forestry and agriculture: 13.7 c €/kWh;
Biomass from wood-processing industries: 12.3 c €/kWh;
Solar: 15 c €/kW;
Solid wastes: 9 c €/kWh;
Waste gas: 8 c €/kWh;
Biogas: 15 c €/kWh
Plants with an annual production up to 3 GWh receive 10.4 c €/kWh;
Plants with an annual production between 3 GWh and 15 GWh receive 7.44 c €/kWh;
Plants with an annual production above 15 GWh receive 5.04 c €/kWh;
The decree also determines the tariff for high efficiency cogeneration.
The decree states that an electricity purchase contract will be signed between the producer and the market operator. The tariffs should be paid monthly by the market operator, and the tariffs should be revised annually according the inflation index.
This feed-in tariff supersedes the "Instruction on the methodology of calculation of purchase price of electricity produced in small hydropower plants" (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 46/07) and the "Rulebook on the methodology applied to the calculation of purchase price of electricity produced in wind farms" (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 27/10).

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