EnerGuide for Houses Retrofit Incentive

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Canadian government administered the Retrofit Incentive within the EnerGuide for Houses program. EnerGuide for Houses provided personalised energy evaluations and prioritised retrofit plans to homeowners to encourage them to implement energy efficiency retrofits that reduce GHG emissions. Grants were be provided to homeowners once they complete energy-efficiency improvements. To be eligible for a grant, homeowners must have had an EnerGuide for Houses evaluation of their home done before and after making energy-efficiency improvements. The amount of the grant depended on the difference between the EnerGuide for Houses rating before retrofits and after they are done. The greater the improvement in a homes energy-efficiency rating, the greater the grant. Homeowners had 18 months after the first evaluation is done to have the retrofits completed, complete the second evaluation, and apply for the incentive. As announced in October 2005, the EnerGuide for Houses Retrofit Incentive qualified for additional funding of $170 million under the Canadian governments package of measures to relieve higher energy costs. This measure resulted in almost 750,000 homes being retrofitted by 2010 instead of the 500,000 projected in Budget 2005. In 2006, the Canadian government indicated the suspension of funding for the EnerGuide for Houses Programmes.

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