Executive Order 14017 of America’s Supply Chains

Last updated: 3 November 2022

Executive Order 14017 is an order issued by President Joe Biden that directs each department in the administration to assess potential supply-chain risks within their jurisdiction and come up with strategies to mitigate or overcome these. The aim of this order is to minimise supply chain disruptions domestically and internationally.

The executive order specifies that the Secretary of Defense, as the National Defense Stockpile Manager, must identify any potential threat to the supply chain of critical minerals, as well as rare earth metals and strategic materials. The Secretary must subsequently address these threats by providing policy recommendations. These must be drafted into a report which should also address all issues identified in Executive Order 13953, and contingencies in case of supply chain disruptions.

Critical minerals are defined according to the definition set out in Executive Order 13953, and supply chain is defined to “include the exploration, mining, concentration, separation, alloying, recycling and reprocessing of these critical minerals.”

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