Measures against soaring energy prices (March-April 2022)

Last updated: 5 December 2022

In an effort to shield domestic consumers from the effects of the global energy crisis, the Greek government implemented extended energy affordability measures in March and April 2022:

- increased electricity subsidies for all households, covering the expenditures registered in main residences. 
The average monthly subsidy for a 300 KWh / month consumption increases from EUR 40 in March to EUR 72 in April.
Specifically in April, monthly electricity consumption is subsidised up to 150 KWh at EUR 270/MWh (from EUR 150 in March) ; monthly electricity consumption between 151 and 300 KWh is subsidised at EUR 210/MWh (from EUR 110 in March).
Social tariff beneficiaries also see their support enhanced, at EUR 290/MWh up to 300 KWh/month.

-increased electricity subsidies for businesses, for whom the subsidy doubles from EUR 65/MWh in March to EUR 130/MWh in April.
In addition, SMEs with a power supply up to 25 kVA as well as bakeries, regardless of their power supply arrangements, are eligible to an additional EUR 100/MWh subsidy. EUR 75 million are also allocated to cover a retroactive subsidy for total business electricity consumption for the months of January, February and March in order to retroactively absorb 80% of the adjustment clause. The retroactive subsidy is given in three monthly instalments starting in April.

-natural gas subsidies for all households, set at EUR 20 per thermal MWh in March. In addition, the State-owned company DEPA provides a EUR 20 per thermal MWh discount for March. In April, the government subsidies doubles to EUR 40/MWh.

-natural gas subsidies for businesses, set at EUR 20 per thermal MWh. 

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