ClimBus Technology Programme

Last updated: 24 August 2021
In 2004, Tekes launched a technology programme called ClimBus - Business Opportunities in Mitigating Climate Change. The 5-year technology programme invested in the development of technology and business concepts related to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The programme ran from 2004-2008, with the total budget exceeding EUR 90 million. The programme developed products and services internationally top-class in cost-effectiveness to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ClimBus aimed to position Finnish companies as internationally important suppliers of technology and services related to climate change mitigation. Targets for 2010 included net sales of ClimBus participants at 7 billion euros, up from 4.5 billion euros in 2006.ClimBus focused on:Clean energy production and fuelsBusiness servicesTechnologies for energy efficiency and non-CO2 greenhouse gases. The programme also generated an overview of the business opportunities that climate policy creates and the most lucrative technologies on the market after 2010.

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