European Battery Alliance

Last updated: 12 December 2023

The European Battery Alliance (EBA) was launched by the European Commission, member countries, industry, and the scientific community. With this alliance, the Commission aims to make Europe a global leader in sustainable battery production and usage, establishing a complete domestic battery value chain.
The EBA developed the Strategic Action Plan on Batteries, which sets out a comprehensive framework of regulatory and non-regulatory measures to support all segments of the battery value chain. These include specifically: securing access to raw materials, supporting European battery cells manufacturing at scale and a full competitive value chain in Europe, strengthening industrial leadership through stepped-up EU research and innovation to advanced and disruptive technologies in the batteries sector, developing and strengthening a highly skilled workforce, supporting the sustainability of EU battery cell manufacturing industry, and ensuring consistency with the broader enabling and regulatory framework in support of batteries and storage deployment.
From here, several projects have been launched, including the industrial development programme of the EBA, or the EBA250, which is managed by EIT InnoEnergy. Today, EBA250 is a project-driven community counting with more than 700 industrial and innovation actors, from mining to recycling. In addition, InnoEnergy's business investment platform provides information and improves transactions between investees and investors.
In 2022, the sixth meeting of the European Battery Alliance took place in Brussels. 111 major battery projects were under development in the EU, for a total investment in the value chain equal to EUR 127 billion. 

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