Order of the Minister for Investment and Development No. 351 "On approval of Industrial Safety Rules for hazardous production facilities of coal mines"

Last updated: 4 April 2022

The Rules define the procedure for ensuring industrial safety in the design, construction, operation, expansion, reconstruction, modernisation, temporary shutdown and decommissioning of coal mines.

Paragraph 10 requires operators to develop an emergency response plan for each mine. In accordance with paragraph 115 of the Rules, the concentration of methane in the mine air is limited to the values defined by Annex 4 to the Rules. Mines in which methane is detected are classified as dangerous. Furthermore, mines in which methane has been released or is being released must be apply a set of operational standards set for coal with elevated gas contents. 

According to Paragraph 149, all coal mines are divided into five categories according to the level of methane emissions measured in cubic meters per ton of mine coal: category I – less than 5; category II – 5 to 10, category III – 10 to 15; high category – over 15; dangerous mines - subject to methane and coal dust outbursts.

Paragraph 183 regulates the frequency of methane concentration checks (when continuous monitoring is not available). At category I and II mines the methane concentration is checked not less than two times per 6-hour shift, at mines of category III, high category and dangerous mines – not less than three times per 6-hour shift.

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