Law “On Gas and Gas Supply” dated 9 January 2012 No. 532-IV (as amended)

Last updated: 21 February 2022

The Law defines the legal, economic and organisational bases for regulating activities in the field of gas and gas supply and is aimed at creating conditions to meet the internal needs of the Republic of Kazakhstan for gas, as well as for the efficient, reliable and safe operation of gas supply facilities.


In accordance with article 7 of the Law, the competence of the authorised body in the field of industrial safety includes the development and approval of safety requirements for gas supply system facilities.


Article 16 regulates the relations related to associated gas. In this regard, associated gas is owned by the state. On the basis of an agreement concluded within the framework of a partnership in the field of gas and gas supply, the authorised body transfers associated gas to the property of the attracted investor. 

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