Prime Minister's Decree No. 338 of 1995 Issuing the Executive Regulations of the Environment Law 4/1994

Last updated: 15 February 2022

The decree states all the regulations related to the environmental law No 4 /1994. The relevant articles to methane abatement are the following:

Article 17 - The facility owner must keep a record about its environmental impact, including the emissions, environmental measures and measurements campaign implemented. 

Article 43 – All oil and gas facilities must comply with the regulations of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation including:

  • Install separation and flares system required for the refining operation of oil and gas
  • Take all the necessary precautions to avoid oil and gas emissions during drilling test
  • Storage tanks must be equipped with vapor ventilation system according to the international specifications
  • Use of compressed air instead of natural gas wherever is possible
  • Get rid of the associated gas that cannot be utilized in a safe manner

Annex 6 – According to table 1, the emissions from oil and gas industry should be limited to 100 mg/m3 of the exhaust gas. Table 2 limits the organic matters emissions to 50 mg/m3. Moreover, for fuel refining, the percentage is limited at 0.04% of the raw substance. 

The Executive regulation was amended by Prime minister decrees 964/2015 and 618/2017.

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