Prince Decree 11/2019 regarding the organisational structure of the Ministry of Municipality

Last updated: 15 February 2022

The decree demarcates the organisation and responsibilities within the ministry of municipality. It describes the different directorates governing the environmental activities in the country. The three main directorates and their corresponding roles are:

Directorate of environmental licensing:

  • Prepare the environmental regulations and norms to ensure environmental protection
  • Issue licenses for environmental specialists and consultants
  • Issue facilities operations licenses 
  • Supervise environmental assessment and environmental sustainability measures application

Directorate of environmental monitoring: 

  • Supervise and follow the concentration of pollutants in air, soil, and water and make sure it does not pass the set limits
  • Install and operate monitoring stations including at oil fields
  • Determine the priority measures to reduce the concentration of pollutants

Directorate of climate change:

  • Propose and set plans to reduce greenhouse gases
  • Accept projects related to renewable energy and climate change
  • Prepare studies and reports related to climate change
  • Follow up the implementation of international agreements related to climate change
  • Implement the government plans related to international commitment

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