Save 2021: Energy efficiency plan

Last updated: 29 August 2022

The "Save 2021" Program is part of the flagship projects subsidized by the Fund for Recovery and Sustainability by improving the energy class of households, by at least 3 energy categories (over 30% Primary Energy Saving). The total investment of the project will contribute to the saving of energy by at least 213 ktoe per year and to the energy renovation of at least 105,000 houses by 2025. The investment includes separate incentives to support the poor and vulnerable households in the form of an increased subsidy rate and budget.
The program offers the following:

  • grant of up to 75% of the final eligible intervention budget,
  • cover:
    • the cost of the two energy inspections and the registration of the Proposal for Interventions and the Registration of Interventions
    • the fee for the preparation of the Electronic Building / Divided Property Identity
    • the project consultant fee
    • the fee for any issuance of licenses / approvals or elaboration of studies required by the current legislation for the implementation of interventions
    • loan portfolio management costs of the prospective beneficiaries of the Program
  • 100% interest rate subsidy , in case you receive a loan to cover your private participation.

This program is funded with the Next Generation EU recovery funds. It's deadline for application was extended to February 15th 2022.

August 2022 Update: EUR 591.7 million have been added to the Save 2021 Plan (total budget now reaching EUR 1.2 billion). 87578 households will benefit from this increase. EUR 81.8 million (EUR 120 million initially planned) will be added to vulnerable households and will concern 5890 new households (out of a total of 14246).  

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