Mexico’s Mid-Century Strategy

Last updated: 15 February 2022

This strategic document guides the country's climate change policy in the mid and long-term, with concrete actions that aim for deep greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2050. The goal by 2050 is to reduce 50% of national GHG emissions based on 2000 levels.
It defines the role that the reduction of 40% methane emission in the oil and gas sector plays in meeting the NDC conditional target of 36% emission reduction economy-wide. Also, as part of the lines of action to address “M5. Short-Lived Climate Pollutants and health co-benefits on climate action,” it includes “M5.14 To establish MRV [monitoring, reporting and verification] mechanisms in operations of methane burning and venting during gas and petroleum production. This MRV will be reinforced through monitoring.” And “M5.15 To implement actions which reduce fugitive methane emissions coming mainly from petroleum, gas, and mining operations. These emissions may also be reduced in natural gas piping, processing, and distributing systems.”

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