National Clean Diesel Campaign

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The National Clean Diesel Campaign (NCDC) promotes clean air strategies by working with manufacturers, fleet operators, air quality professionals, environmental and community organizations, and state and local officials to reduce diesel emissions. NCDC activities include (1) developing new emissions standards for locomotive and marine diesel engines and (2) promoting the reduction of emissions for existing diesel engines through cost-effective and innovative strategies, including use of cleaner fuels, retrofitting and repairing existing fleets, idling reduction among others and (3) awarding competitive grants to fund projects that implement diesel emission reduction strategies. NCDC programs create demand for diesel emission reduction technologies. The FY 2014 plan for NCDC involves a new approach designed to transition the program away from ongoing Federal support. The modified strategy will use rebates and revolving loan funds to concentrate resources on communities in a limited set of high exposure areas such as near ports and freight distribution hubs. Through the rebate mechanism, the agency is able to more efficiently target the awards toward the most polluting engines.

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