Decree on the permissible standards for the content of explosive gases (methane) in a mine, coal seams and mined-out space, above which degassing is mandatory

Last updated: 15 February 2022

The Decree is aimed at reducing the content of explosive gases in the mine, as well as conducting safe operations for the extraction (processing) of coal in accordance with Article 14 of Law №81-FZ.  

Following requirements are outlined in the Decree: 

  1. "Degassing is mandatory when it is impossible to ensure the content of explosive gases (methane) in the mine atmosphere of the active mine workings in the amount of up to 1 percent by ventilation work. 
  2. Degassing of the coal seam is mandatory when the natural methane content of the seam exceeds 13 cubic meters per ton of dry ash-free mass and ventilation works cannot ensure the content of methane in the outgoing stream of the stope mine working in the amount of less than 1 percent.  
  3. Degassing of the mined-out area is mandatory when the concentration of methane in the gas outlet pipelines and gas drainage workings exceeds 3.5 percent.”

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