Call for Third-party Verifiers for the Guidelines for the prevention and comprehensive control of methane emissions from the hydrocarbons sector.

Last updated: 15 February 2022

This call for third-party verifiers provides further details about the requirements that third parties have to meet to become verifiers of the compliance of the methane regulation, based on their expert assessment and verdict.

The third party should consist of one technical manager and one technical expert. Both roles could be represented by only one person, as long as that person can comply with all requirements and technical knowledge. The list of topics from which technical knowledge should be proven is (when applicable, corresponding to the type of process/activity that is being assessed): the different processes and equipment that are part of the hydrocarbons value chain; methane management; LDAR; safety and environmental protection.

The official procedure that interested third parties can refer to is ASEA-00-045

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