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Sixth Strategic Energy Plan - 2050 Carbon neutral

Last updated: 7 March 2022

The Government of Japan formulates the Strategic Energy Plan to show the direction of Japan's energy policy under the Basic Act on Energy Policy. Considering the changes in the energy situation since the Fifth Strategic Energy Plan has been released in 2018, the government established the S+3E perspective to implement energy policy, which means the first and foremost ensuring stable supply and realising low cost energy supply by enhancing its efficiency on the premise of safety while making maximum efforts to pursue environment suitability. 


The Sixth Strategic Energy Plan has been formulated with two key themes: 

1) achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and the greenhouse gas emission reduction target, and 

2) ensuring stable energy supply and reducing its costs while taking action against climate change.


Under the plan, renewables should account for 36-38% of power supplies in 2030, double 2019’s level and well above its previous 2030 target for 22-24%.

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