September 2021 - February 2022 National measures against soaring energy prices

Last updated: 5 December 2022

In an effort to shield domestic consumers from the effects of the global energy crisis, the Greek government implemented emergency energy affordability measures as early as September 2021, in the form of electricity and natural gas subsidies for all households and businesses. 

These initial measures were extended and their level increased until February included, when they consisted of:

-electricity subsidies for all households, set up at EUR 150/MWh (share of monthly consumption under the 150 kWh threshold), and EUR 110/MWh (151 -300 kWh monthly consumption) . Households benefitting from the Social Tariff are eligible to a EUR 170/MWh monthly support for 300 kWh;

-electricity subsidy for all businesses, set at EUR 65/MWh. In addition, some connexion fees (YKO) are suspended from Novermber 2021 to March 2022;

 -natural gas subsidies for all households, set at EUR 20 per thermal MWh on a monthly basis. In addition, the State-owned company DEPA provides a monthly EUR 20/MWh rebate.

-natural gas subsidies for businesses, set at EUR 20 per thermal MWh.

The support schemes are funded from a government Special Support Fund for the Energy Transition.

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