Regional Measures for Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Autonomous Province of Trento

Last updated: 9 September 2019

The Trento Provincial Council, pending national guidelines laid out in the Legislative Decree of 19 August 2005 implementing the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, developed a methodology to classify and calculate the energy performance of buildings according to Trento climactic conditions and consistent with local energy consumption patterns. Building on the Council regulation of 20 October 2006, implementation of the building energy performance requirements and certificates was completed by Provincial resolution No. 1448 of 12 June 2009. The resolution implements previous urban planning regulations, with specific requirements on the energy performance of buildings, building interventions subject to certification, coordination with Bolzano province energy certification, and supervisory measures. A more concise methodology for calculating the energy performance of buildings is also provided in an Annex. Through the Provincial resolution No. 1429 of 17 June 2010 energy performance system has been launched, according to the criteria singled out in the previous Provincial resolutions.

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