Extension of the waiver of transmission charges allowed for trading of Renewables

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 11 February 2022

In August 2020 the Indian Ministry of Power (MoP) waived the inter-state transmission system (ISTS) charges and losses on all solar and wind projects commissioned before June 30, 2023. The MoP subsequently announced in June 2021 an extension of the waiver up to June 30, 2025. 


The waiver applies to pumped hydro storage and battery energy storage systems (BESS), provided that at least 70% of the annual electricity requirement for pumping/charging is through solar and/or wind power. 


Finally, the ISTS waiver would be allowed for trading electricity generated and supplied from solar, wind, pumped hydro, and BESS in the green term ahead market (GTAM) for two years until June 30, 2023.  



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