National Recovery and Resilience Plan / 1. Economy

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 15 October 2021

Croatia's Recovery and Resilience Plan allocates HRK 25.7 bn to its first component: Economy, which focuses on improving the resilience of the economy against future shocks. The component is composed of six parts:

1. A resilient, green and digital economy;

2. Energy transition for a sustainable economy;

3. Improving water management and waste management;

4. Development of a competitive, sustainable and efficient transport system;

5. Improving the use of natural resources and strengthening the food supply chain;

6. Development of sustainable, innovative and sustainable tourism.


40% of the plan's total allocation for reforms and investments supports climate objectives, including:

-789 million EUR in energy efficiency and post-earthquake building reconstruction

-728 million EUR in sustainable mobility

-658 million EUR in low-carbon energy transition

-542 million EUR in support to businesses for green transition and energy efficiency


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