Enterprise Ireland Climate Enterprise Action Fund

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 18 March 2022

The new fund will:


  • Fund up to 850 companies (Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise Offices clients) at an early stage of exploring climate and sustainability to develop a high-level company action plan, which will enable them to measure their carbon footprint and identify projects leading to reduced emissions and greater resource efficiency (e.g. energy, water, materials). The plan will assess the company’s operations, supply chain, market opportunities and challenges through a climate and sustainability lens.
  • Fund up to 100 more advanced companies to develop comprehensive multi-annual business plans with climate change and sustainability actions integrated into the company’s overall strategy.

The fund will also support a small number of public/private partnerships working on high-impact feasibility projects that will enhance climate change and sustainability capabilities across Irish enterprise (e.g. R&D, new ways of working).

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