Investments for household energy efficiency

Last updated: 23 November 2022

Over 44 million GBP of funding will be allocated to cut emissions from buildings and help households save on energy bills. The investment is expected to cut carbon emissions by 22% for homes and buildings, whilst providing potential reductions of up to 15% in energy costs. 


30 million GBP will fund 3 innovative heat network projects in London, Manchester and Cambridgeshire, and a further 14.6 million GBP announced will benefit 11 projects in England, Scotland and Wales. The funding will be invested in exploring ways the UK can develop and use efficient, low-carbon technologies for heating and cooling buildings. 


The investments are tied to the government's Heat and Buildings Strategy, which will set out how carbon emissions in homes and workspaces will be addressed to meet legal commitments over achieving net zero emissions 2050.  

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