Subsidy scheme for energy savings in public buildings

Last updated: 15 October 2021

The measure supports a subsidy scheme of DKK 315 million, which is a targeted energy savings in public buildings. The subsidy will focus on energy renovations in regional and municipal buildings with the lowest energy performance certificate standards (D-G) as well as buildings that are heated by oil burners and gas furnaces. It is estimated that the effort can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.004 Mt CO2e in 2025 and 2030.   

The initiative will also help achieving additional energy savings by 2030 as recommended by the Commission based on the review of the Danish National Energy and Climate Plan.  Part of the funds will be targeted digital solutions and intelligent control of energy consumption in buildings with energy management systems based on data.

According to the Danish Energy Agency, DKK 150 million is set in 2021 and DKK 145 million in 2022 targeting at digital solutions and intelligent management of energy consumption in public buildings.

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