Federal Mining Act (as amended by 2017)

Last updated: 6 February 2023

This act provides the legal basis for the exploration, extraction, and processing of domestic mineral resources with regard to sustainable mining, geographical constraints, and cost-effective and low-impact technology. It also aims to ensure the safety of operations and strengthens precautions against risks to human life, health, or third-party property.

An exploration license is required to explore freely minable resources, and the right to extract mineral resources and acquire ownership of them takes the form of a mining concession. Exploration and extraction licenses and mining proprietorships can only be granted upon application, submitted in writing to the competent authority. 

Further, exploration operations, extraction operations, and treatment operations can only be carried out and terminated as outlined in operating plans prepared by the operator and approved by the competent authority. Operating plans must include a description of the scope, technical execution and duration of the project. If an operating plan is approved, the mining is subject to supervision by the competent authority. Compliance with all national and international environmental and nature conservation laws must be ensured. 

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