Energy Strategy of Russia to 2030

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The objective of the energy strategy of Russia is to maximize the effective use of natural energy resources and the potential of the energy sector in order to sustain economic growth, improve quality of life, and strengthen Russia's foreign economic positions.The Strategy determines objectives and goals of the Russian energy sector's long-term development, its priorities and guidelines, as well as mechanisms of the state energy policy to ensure the realization of stated objectives. It includes State Energy Policy requirements and guidelines, pushing support for R&D as well as providing strategic development assistance. The Strategy sets a 56 percent energy intensity reduction target for 2030 (compared with 2005). It will be accomplished in three stages: the first is a major overhaul of the energy sector; the second emphasizes efficiency gains through new technology within the fuel and energy sectors; and the third stresses economy-wide energy efficiency.

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