National Recovery and Resilience Plan / M3C1: Rail network and secure roads

Last updated: 18 March 2022

Among the objectives of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience plan, one aim is to build the necessary infrastructure for sustainable transport. Funding will be allocated to develop and maintain the railway sector. 


 Measures include two reforms:

 - The accelerated implementation of a 5-year agreement between the ministry of transport and the national rail company

 - The acceleration of procedures for approving rail projects


Eight investments are also mentioned in the plan:

 - High-speed train connections towards south Italy for freight and passengers

 - High-speed train connections in the North of Italy with Europe

 - Diagonal connections

 - Development of European system for management of rail transport

 - Improvement of metropolitan rail connections and national key hubs

 - Improvement of regional railways 

 - Improvement, electrification, and resilience of railways in South Italy

 - Improvement of rail stations in the South of Italy

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