Economic Recovery and Resilience "New Generation Lithuania" / Green Transition / Green Building Renovation

Last updated: 18 November 2022

The Green Building Transition measure of the Green Transition as part of the National Resilience and Recovery Plan aims to increase the speed of the building renovation process by taking advantage of digitization, the wider implementation of integrated approach to housing, and environmentally friendly transformation of construction. In total for these policies, 217.8 million EUR will be implemented from EU funding, 51.6 million EUR from national budgets, 103.2 million EUR from alternative EU finance instruments, and 93 million EUR for private companies. 

Lithuania will implement the following policies to ensure an accelerated renovation of buildings and a sustainable urban environment: investments for the renovation of the IT system, state aid for businesses to use wood materials and green building components, and modernization of apartment buildings with increased energy efficiency. 


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