Recovery and resilience plan / CTD / Hydrogen and renewables/ Potentiation of renewable electricity in the Madeira Archipelago

Last updated: 23 March 2022

Portugal submitted its recovery and resilience plan to the European Commission, as part of the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility.


The plan is composed of 20 different components that are structured in three main dimensions (Resilience, Climate transition, and Digital transition).


The dimension of climate transition includes four components that can be considered as directly relevant for the energy sector. This initiative is part of the component related to hydrogen and renewables (Component 14). 


The investment in renewable electricity in Arquipélago da Madeira is worth EUR 69 million. The objective is to prepare a thermoelectrical phase-out by adopting the following measures:

- Integration of renewable energy sources

- Creation of a specific framework for the production of renewable electricity

- Digitalization of the electricity network: development of smart grids

- Integrating energy efficient solutions in all sectors

- Electrification

- Creation of incentives for private investment in renewable electricity production (reference tariffs & auctions)


Some concrete actions are already envisaged:

- Increase the installed capacity of the Serra de Água hydroelectric power plant & remodelling the Calheta I hydroelectric power plant.

- Install a battery system in Porto Santo and Madeira 

- Install a synchronous compensator 

- Install 130,000 smart meters in the next 5 years, modernize 8,750 public lighting points, and develop charging infrastructure for EV.

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