Recovery and resilience plan / CTD / Hydrogen and renewables/ Investments in hydrogen and renewable gases

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 23 March 2022

Portugal submitted its recovery and resilience plan to the European Commission, as part of the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility.


The plan is composed of 20 different components that are structured in 3 main dimensions (Resilience, Climate transition, and Digital transition).


The dimension of climate transition includes four components that can be considered as directly relevant for the energy sector. This initiative is part of the component related to hydrogen and renewables (Component 14). 


The investments in hydrogen and renewable gases will be allocated to projects linked to (total budget 185 million EUR):

- Electrolysis (electrochemical and photoelectrochemical processes)

- Thermochemical and hydrothermal processes (Gasification and pyrolysis)

- Biological processes (biophotolysis and fermentation)

- Biogas enrichment from anaerobic digestion of biomass materials (does not include biogas production)

- Methanation (renewable hydrogen combined with recycled carbon dioxide)


The objective is to promote both solutions of self-consumption and injection into the network, achieving a capacity of 264 MW of renewable gas production by 2025. 

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