Circular Economy Action Plan

Last updated: 21 September 2022

The Council of Ministers approved in May 2021 the Circular Economy Action plan, initially proposed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO and MITERD).

The plan is composed of 116 measures which will take place between 2021-2023, drawing the pathway to achieve the targets set by the Circular Spain Strategy 2030. 

The measures are structured in 8 main axes:

1) Production 

2) Consumption

3) Waste management

4) Secondary raw material and water reuse

5) Raise awareness and participation

6) Research

7) Innovation and competitiveness

8) Employment and training

The plan requires a package of investments worth EUR 1.529 billion, provided through the National Recovery, Transformation and Resilience plan that the country submitted to the European Commission. The plan includes the following energy-related initiatives:

- Creation of a national inventory of closed or abandoned mining waste facilities containing critical raw materials: the public inventory will be accessible to companies willing to use these materials for their production processes.

- Approval of a roadmap for the sustainable management of mineral raw materials: the objective is to promote the reuse and recycling  and support the circular economy as the default option for the supply of production processes. By fostering the use of domestic resources, this initiative should also help to decrease the country's dependence on imports.

- Ecomilla project: creation of sustainable urban mobility zones around railway stations, in which energy efficient and low-carbon transport solutions are promoted, such as electric cars, bicycles and electric motorcycles, as well as car sharing systems. The energy generated by the regenerative braking system of trains could be used to supply the electric vehicles.

- Approval of the biogas roadmap

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