(Alberta) Alberta Innovates’ Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production Program

Last updated: 23 January 2023

Alberta Innovates was established by the Government of Alberta with the mandate of delivering research and innovation priorities. The agency provides funding programs, technical expertise, and applied research services to grow research and innovation across the province. Its Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production program has a subprogram on “Methane Emissions Reduction”, focused on measuring, monitoring, and mitigating methane emissions in alignment with provincial and federal targets. 


The agency also runs a Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCUS) program that invests in CCUS with the aim of reducing environmental impacts, supporting Alberta’s energy transition, and creating jobs. The program’s focus on CCUS supports the decarbonisation of industries, including the minerals and metals industry. The scope covers capture, transport, storage, utilization and direct air removal technologies.

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