National recovery plan / 2. Physical infrastructure and Green Transition

Last updated: 15 July 2021

The Czech National Recovery Plan is a strategic plan in 6 pillars designed to tackle the economic crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic and to promote a sustainable recovery. The second pillar concerns "Physical infrastructure and Green Transition" and includes 9 submeasures:


- Sustainable and safe transport (CZK 24 billion)

- Reducing energy consumption in the public sector (CZK 8.3 billion)  

- Transition to cleaner energy sources (CZK 6.7 billion)

- Developing clean mobility (CZK 4.9 billion)

- Buildings renovation and air protection (CZK 16.1 billion)

- Environment protection and climate change adaptation (CZK 14.6 billion)

- Circular economy and recycling and industrial water (CZK 4.4 billion)

- Revitalisation of areas with old buildings (CZK 3.3 billion)

- Promoting biodiversity and combating drought (CZK 3 billion)  


As of June 1, 2021, the total allocated budget is CZK 85.3 billion excluding VAT.

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