Austrian Recovery & Resilience Plan / 3. Knowledge-based construction / Strategic innovation (hydrogen)

Last updated: 8 July 2021

The Austrian Recovery & Resilience Plan consists of measures designed to tackle the Covid-related economic crisis. The plan is divided into four main pillars:   


1) Sustainable construction  

2) Digital construction  

3) Knowledge-based construction  

4) Fair construction.        


A policy within the third pillar of the plan consists in supporting strategic innovation.


This third pillar of the plan consists of:  


- Financing research  

- Financing reskilling and further education  

- Financing education  

- Supporting strategic innovation     


It includes a EUR 250 million budget for two IPCEIs (Important Project of Common European Interest) programmes for cross-border cooperation on innovation, with EUR 125 million EUR for each programme:   

- IPCEI microelectronics and connectivity   

- IPCEI hydrogen.   


The objectives of these IPCEIs are to secure a strategic autonomy in these areas and to support innovation and businesses in these sectors.

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