Austrian Recovery & Resilience Plan / 2. Digital construction / Digitalisation and greening of businesses

Last updated: 18 November 2022

The Austrian Recovery & Resilience Plan consists of measures designed to tackle the Covid-related economic crisis. 


The plan is divided into four main pillars:   

1) Sustainable development  

2) Digital development  

3) Knowledge-based development  

4) Just development. 


The implementation of the measures of the plan will require an investment of EUR 4.5 billion over the period 2020-2026. All measures will be implemented by 31 August 2026 at the latest.     


The second pillar of the plan consists in expanding the digitalisation of the economy thanks to:  

- Broadband expansion  

- Digitalisation of schools  

- Digitalisation of public administration  

- Digitalisation and greening of businesses.      


The second pillar's total budget ise EUR 605 million, of which EUR 32 million will be allocated to SMEs.

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