Recovery and resilience plan - Sustainable road transport

Last updated: 28 February 2022

As part of EU's Recovery and Resilience Facility, the Danish government submitted its national recovery and resilience plan to the European Commission. The plan is composed of seven group of initiatives consistent with the principles of the European Green Deal and the country's climate targets.  


The Sustainable road transport component of the plan is composed of the following initiatives: 

- Reorganisation of registration tax and low electricity tax until 2030 (DKK 12 billion)

- CO2 displacement requirements for RE fuels (DKK 3.3 billion)

- Handling of outstanding indexation of the registration fee (DKK 4.9 billion)

- Increased sharing economy deduction for green cars (DKK 21 million)

- Scrapping scheme for diesel cars (DKK 0.13 billion)

- Funds for green transport (DKK 0.23 billion)

- Bicycle funds for state and municipalities (DKK 0.52 billion)


The total cost of the reforms and investments on green road transportation is 1.2 bn. DKK in 2021 increasing up to 2.9 bn. DKK in 2030, totalling DKK 21 billion over the period.


The transport sector alone is one of the largest emitters of GHG in Denmark, responsible for 25% of national emissions. 

New technologies are utilised to reach a reduction in GHG by 2.1 Mt in 2030 and sets forth the ambition of having 1 m. Zero- and low-emission cars by 2030.  

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