Package for the future - Expansion of renewable energies

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 18 March 2022

Package for the future is a programme designed to help Germany prepare for future challenges such as growing digitalisation and climate change. The programme aims to support research into the development of quantum computing, artificial intelligence, hydrogen power and electric vehicles. 


The package includes measures to support additional expansion of renewable energy: (1) abolishing the cap on solar PV build-out, (2) increasing the capacity targets for offshore wind energy from 15 GW by 2030 to 20 GW, (3) an option for minimal distance rules on sub-federal level, (4) options for municipal participation in profits from wind power projects. 


These measures have been implemented through later changes to the Renewable Energy Act (EEG, POL-ID 11474) and the Offshore Wind Energy Act (WindSeeG, POL-ID 11508)      


Further expanding the development of renewable energies in Germany is part of the Package for the future. To do so, the cap for solar PV will be abolished and the expansion target for offshore wind will be increased from the stated 15GW to 20GW by 2030. A financial scheme will also be created for local communities to benefit more from wind power generation.

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