Recovery & Resilience Plan 2020-2026

Last updated: 20 July 2021

The Austrian Recovery & Resilience Plan consists of measures designed to tackle the Covid-related economic crisis. The plan is divided into four main pillars:

1) Sustainable development, 2) Digital development, 3) Knowledge-based development, and 4) Fair development.     


The implementation of the measures of the plan will require a total investment of EUR 4.5 billion over the period 2020-2026. All measures will be implemented by 31 August 2026 at the latest.   


In line with EU requirements, 37% of the investments will need to be directed towards the achievement of climate protection goals. The Austrian Recovery & Resilience Plan accounts for a 46% share of climate protection purposes. The programme also takes into account the "do no significant harm" principle, which outlines that none of the measures contradict the EU environmental objectives.

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