Package for the future - Research and development

Last updated: 18 March 2022

Package for the future is a programme designed to help Germany prepare for future challenges such as growing digitalisation and climate change. The programme aims to support research into the development of quantum computing, artificial intelligence, hydrogen power and electric vehicles. 


In this framework, several measures are implemented: 


- Increase of the tax research allowance for innovative companies in Germany. The funding of the tax research allowance will be granted retroactively on the period 1.1.2020 -  31.12.2025, with up to 4 million euros per company.  

Budget estimated: 1 billion euros. 


- Support for large non-university research organisations with additional funds. This will be done in order to support application-oriented research that face reduced financing from companies due to the Covid-19 crisis. 

Budget estimated: 1 billion euros. 


- Support to project-related research, with a focus on energy system upheavals linked to digitilisation and sector coupling. 

Budget estimated 0.3 billion euros



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