EnerGuide for Houses

Last updated: 5 November 2017
EnerGuide for Houses, established by the Minister of Natural Resources on 1 April 1998, is a labelling and certification programme which seeks to persuade and assist homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements in their houses and home buyers to consider energy efficiency in their purchase decisions. Participating homeowners receive an on-site inspection and a detailed report on energy consumption, including an energy efficiency rating and a list of recommended energy efficiency upgrades and estimated costs. The cost of the evaluation is partially subsidised by the Government of Canada. After the improvements have been made, the EnerGuide for Houses rating offers evidence of the investment, and enables prospective buyers to compare the energy performance and energy efficiency upgrade potential of similar houses. From April 2001, grants are available to partially offset the costs of the energy-efficiency improvements. To be eligible, homeowners must have a second evaluation of theirhome done after making the energy-efficiency improvements. The amount of the grant depends on the difference between the EnerGuide for Houses rating before and after the retrofits. The greater the improvement in a homes energy-efficiency rating, the greater the grant.

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