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Recovery, transformation and resilience plan / Resilient infrastructures and ecosystems (II)

Last updated: 22 June 2022

Spain submitted its recovery and resilience plan in April 2021 to the European Commission.  


Within the second pillar of the plan, one component relates to the conservation and restoration of ecosystems and natural resources. Mobility is also part of this pillar. 


It includes a major plan for the modernisation, digitalization, security and sustainability of the transport system and its infrastructure. It is composed of the main following components:

Component 4: Ecosystems biodiversity conservation and restoration: EUR 1 642 million (2021-2023)

Component 5: Coastal area and water resources preservation: EUR 2 091 million (2021-2023)
Component 6: Sustainable, safe and connected mobility: EUR 6 667 million (2021-2023)


The last component is focused on the development of the national and European railroad interconnections & logistics, and the digitalisation of the transport system.





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