Ten milestones in 2021

Last updated: 18 November 2022

The Colombian Minister of Mines and Energy, Diego Mesa, presented ten milestones for the mining sector in 2021, as the starting point for sustainable development of the sector, regions and the country. The 10 milestones are centred around three strategic axes: 1) Energy Transition, with: - the massive expansion of renewable energy sources to reach over 700MW of installed capacity - developing and publishing the hydrogen roadmap for the next ten years - publishing the Energy Transformation Mission roadmap for the modernisation of the electricity sector and the role of gas - promoting electric mobility in Colombia through various measures 2) energy security, with: - granting electricy access to 70 000 new users - providing natural gas access to 250,000 families to reaching natural gas access goals in advance - allocating at least 15 new areas for the development of new hydrocarbon wells 3) mining diversification and formalization, with: - developing up to 30 new gold and copper projects by 2024 - launching a new mechanism to grant mining concessions, wiht a focus on copper and phosphates in 2021 - working to formalise small miners to reach 21 000 formalised miners by the end of 2021

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